Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! My name is William and I’m going to college next Fall. I have been looking at various colleges and universities across the United States and I am trying to decide if I want to join a fraternity. There appears to be both positives and negatives associated with joining.

One of the biggest positives I see is the sense of family I would have when I am already far away from home. I like the fact that I would have a support system and someone available to me all the time.

The negative that goes with this positive is that while we would be fraternity brothers, we would not be my true family. I am not sure what the reactions would be if there was something that was really wrong in my life.

I am also worried about the time commitment that I would have to make when I am already getting used to the new college life that I am starting. I want to say that I would have plenty of time, but I might not with all my classes thrown into the mix.

It looks like I will have quite a bit of thinking to do before the first day of classes. I probably will not make up my mind until the last minute.

Fraternities often get a bad reputation. But, most people do not realize that there are many benefits to joining one, including:

– Statistically, those who are part of a fraternity are more likely to stay in college than those who are not. It is estimated that 90% of students in a fraternity finish college, as opposed to 70% of those who do not.

– They are a great way to make friends. Starting college can be awkward for a young person, especially when they do not know anyone in their college or university. A fraternity is one of the best ways to meet people and form relationships.

– Being a part of a fraternity opens the door to many community service. Not only does this make one feel good about themselves, but it also looks good on a future resume.

– There are many after-college opportunities for those who were part of a fraternity. You make professional connections and can become a part of alumni networks that will make finding a good job easier.

– It is a good housing option. If you do not have a dorm room and have to live off-campus, this can be costly. When you are part of a fraternity, you can live in its house.