I am looking at fraternities in the USA. I currently live in Australia, but have decided to go to America for my university education, although I understand it is more commonly called college there. I do plan on returning to Oz for my adult career, as I love my country and would never leave, but I do want to see some of the world while young and supposedly free.

My grades down here have gotten me a full scholarship offer from several schools in the states, although I’ll have to cover the plane flights, which aren’t going to be cheap.

I do not just want to study. I want to learn American culture. I am already familiar with how frats are portrayed in the media, and pop culture, especially movies, but that can’t be reality right? I mainly just want to be a part of an organization of folks with common interests, so I can make friends easily. I’ll be so far from home that I’ll have no support network to fall back onto, and I would very much like to have that figured out before I leave, so, I look online for fraternities in the USA online as I choose my school.