Fraternity life in college was one of the best times of my life. It allowed me to be social, and have a built in network of friends, who were literally like my brothers. I joined Lambda Chi Alpha as a Freshman at UCLA in 1999. Here are some things you should know before joining a fraternity.

One reason I liked Lambda Chi Alpha was that they didn’t do any hazing. When frats or sororities are recruiting ask their members directly if any hazing goes on. If they say yes, and that makes you uncomfortable, don’t join that particular fraternity or sorority. A fraternity or sorority should make your college life more fun, and not make you feel embarrassed or miserable.

The second thing you should ask about it networking opportunities. All fraternities and sororities party for the most part. Pick a fraternity or sorority that can help you find an amazing career out of college, or grad school. Lambda Chi Alpha helped my friend get a job at an amazing home building company out of school.

Fraternity life was awesome for me. I chose a fraternity I was comfortable with, I made friends for life, and I used my networking contacts to land my dream job. Do your research when picking a fraternity, and you will have an amazing time.